Make It Fab! 7 Things You Can Add To Your Yard This Spring If You're Looking To Update Your Outdoor Space

Space Intown, REALTORS® April 18, 2023

As the weather starts to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom, you might be itching to maximize your outdoor living space. Your backyard is an extension of your home and with the right additions, it can become a functional and relaxing oasis where you and your family can relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. 
From practical but stylish options such as shade and outdoor lighting to fun and cozy additions like a grilling station and an outdoor bar cart, we're here to provide you with plenty of inspiration to help you create the backyard of your dreams.

1. Exterior Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also improves its functionality. It's an excellent addition if you aim to create a warm and inviting atmosphere so you can enjoy your backyard even after the sun goes down. It can also highlight certain features, such as a tree or plant, a garden or water structure, or any other architectural elements.Various types of exterior lighting options include string lights, lanterns, and even pathway or ground lights. Lovely and warm string lights are a popular choice as they add a whimsical touch to your backyard while also providing ambient lighting. Meanwhile, pathway lights or solar ground lights can guide you and your guests safely through your yard while also adding a decorative element. Lanterns can also provide a warm, cozy glow and are perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance.In addition to enhancing the ambiance, outdoor lighting can also improve the safety and security of your backyard. By illuminating dark areas, you can prevent accidents and tripping hazards. A well-lit backyard is also less attractive to burglars and potential intruders.

2. Hammock

If you're looking for a cozy but affordable seating addition, a hammock is just the perfect idea. It can be a relaxing spot to unwind, relax and recharge, and enjoy the outdoors while having your favorite book or hugging a warm cup of coffee. When purchasing a hammock, make sure you choose a high-quality variety that is durable, weather-resistant, and can support your weight. Then you can choose to hang them between two trees or posts or get a standalone hammock with its own frame.


3. Bird Feeders and Houses

Welcome the new spring season into your yard by setting out some bird feeders and houses that will attract a variety of bird species to your backyard, which can be magical to watch and listen to. Since there are many different types of bird feeders and houses to choose from, and each type of feeder attracts different types of birds, it's a good idea to research which would best suit the birds in your area or those you want to attract. Aside from having a fun and relaxing activity watching the birds as they come and go from your yard, providing food and shelter for these animals can help support the local ecosystem and promote biodiversity in your area.

4. Canopy or Shade

Since the weather outdoors won't always be ideal — too much sun can be uncomfortable while an unexpected downpour can ruin the fun — creating shade in your backyard is essential. You might want to add an outdoor umbrella, a pergola, or a shade sail to refresh your outdoor living space and keep the area cool.
Outdoor umbrellas are a simple and affordable option that can be easily moved to provide shade where needed. On the other hand, pergolas are a more permanent and stylish option that can add a unique touch to your patio. A shade sail is also an excellent option if you want a modern and sleek look while providing ample shade in specific areas.

5. Privacy Screen

If the lack of privacy is what's hindering you from enjoying your backyard oasis, consider installing privacy screens or outdoor drapery panels to add style and a little extra seclusion from the outside world (and even from nosey neighbors). There are many options when it comes to adding privacy screens to your backyard. If you want to keep it simple, go with a self-standing screen with vertical or horizontal wood slats, which you can also decorate with trailing flowers or herb pots. Creating a private and comfortable space allows you to enjoy your backyard to the fullest, especially this spring and summer.

6. Grilling Station

The warmer weather provides the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors, with grilling and barbecues on the side. Setting up a dedicated grilling area spices up your patio and allows you to enjoy outdoor cooking and dining with your family and friends. Whether you choose to have a simple portable grill or a more elaborate grilling station, it entirely depends on your needs, budget, and yard space. Having an outdoor grill can also provide a fun and enjoyable activity for all ages, with kids helping out in food preparation and adults socializing while the food is cooking. With such a functional addition, expect your backyard to be your new favorite cookout spot filled with wonderful aromas and awesome memories.

7. Outdoor Bar Cart

Elevate your backyard entertaining game even more by adding an outdoor bar cart. It's a fancy and stylish way to mix up drinks without using up precious table space or going inside so you can fully enjoy the beautiful outdoors.
Moreover, it’s mobile and convenient to be moved around your backyard, patio, or pool area as needed, making it easy to serve your guests drinks and snacks wherever they are. Or take it even further by setting up a DIY cocktail station where your guests can mix and customize their drinks, adding a playful and social aspect to your backyard gathering.

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